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The Town Kitchen is committed to creating a thriving community of urban innovators.

Our partners hold a shared vision of creating resilient communities.


As our non-profit, educational partner, I-SEEED supports The Town Kitchen with the creation of social justice pedagogy.

I-SEEED strives to build an ecosystem of "solutionists" to solve our communities' most pressing social problems. They believe that through innovative economic, educational, environmental design, and cutting edge technology, we can create just and sustainable communities for all.

I-SEEED believes that through deep investments in people, place, systems and structures we can fundamentally transform the built environment -- heal social and environmental trauma -- and provide opportunities for all children and families to reach their full potential.

Inner City Advisors

People with good jobs are the foundation of a thriving community

ICA works tirelessly with entrepreneurs, advisors, employees and sponsors to create a more equitable and impactful economic ecosystem in the Bay Area. Their unique approach has developed many amazing companies who have created good jobs for local residents.

The Youth Food Project

Youth Food Project (YFP) is a non-profit initiative that uses local food as a pathway to educational and employment outcomes.

We bring together locally-owned food businesses, public education institutions, & non-profits to empower and educate systems-impacted youth in the Bay Area.


As a civic minded startup tackling urban challenges, The Town Kitchen is one of Tumml's Winter 2015 Cohorts.

Tumml is an urban ventures accelerator with a mission to empower entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. With a hands-on approach, Tumml provides entrepreneurs with the tools to help scale their impact and enhance quality of life in cities everywhere.


Fresh Food. Anytime. Anywhere.

Byte offers employees fresh food options round the clock. Whether it's nourishing your team of developers or offering shift workers a hearty meal any time of the day -- we have options for everyone.

The Town Kitchen couldn't be happier that Byte continues to increase their orders with us each month! Our partnership is rooted in fresh, healthy food for employers that love their employees and communities.